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Remember the times when a person’s sense of humor was defined through the funny videos one shared with you from YouTube? If you think that those days are over, you are so wrong. Today, web-based videos are everywhere. Movies, news, advertising, shows, tutorials, backstages… Educational, informational, entertaining spheres all use videos to get through to us. No wonder businesses today use explainer video production to advertise themselves. Here’s why they do.

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Since video production is on the rise, marketing strategies to engage with explainer video production companies to increase their traffic to get more leads. And since today explainer video production companies are overwhelmed with orders for fashioning custom explainer videos, let’s discuss the reasons for why do people watch these videos anyway.

We trust what we see

Whatever they look for, people do not find the time to read – they watch videos. A high quality explainer video production company shows knowledge, expertise and experience in the sphere through their works. Expertise is credible, therefore trustworthy.

Here’s an example of a explainer video we created

We share what we like

Do you know how cute cat videos go viral? People share what they like with friends. It is obvious that the business people share a good explainer video with their colleagues. In addition, satisfied customers of explainer video production companies also spread the word of success stories with their experience. Keep this in mind, too!

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We remember bright moments

Watching a video engages all of our senses and stores the maximum amount of information in our brain. Especially, if a good explainer video triggers emotions, or just uses bright images to leave an impression. So, next time when you think about how to improve your marketing strategy, take your time to chose an explainer video company to make your own explainer video. And when you’ll make an order for explainer video production, keep in mind 3 simple truths about videos: people trust them, pass them on to friends, and remember to review the again. So be on the top pf the pops and place an order for explainer video company today.