Explainer video

Have you ever looked up a company’s website, and even after spending a significant period of time in About Us section still had no idea what is their business about? I am sure you did. Just a couple years ago, anyone had any idea how to deal with this issue. However, we have found an informative and interesting way not only to make it crystal clear what is your company all about, but also to have fun learning! Our unique technique is no secret to anyone. Clearly, explainer videos are the next generation of About Us sections.

explainer video

What is explainer video?

I believe, each of us remembers the science classes and those educational footage that we used to watch during some of the classes. Well, the explainer video is based on the educational material, therefore can be considered a form of it. Basically, it is a video footage that gives a very clear and short explanation on a specific topic. Yet, it is different from a regular footage in so many ways!

How are the explainer videos different from other videos?

The regular video footage is compiled of a set of scenes. They are conducted using different frames that are shot using a camera that are further combined into one single clip. The difference in the explainer video is that it is really short, and mainly schematic. In other words, it doesn’t require any actors to play in it, as all the work is designed. According to the technical part, this is no Hollywood fairytale, therefore I already know what your next question is. So let’s talk money.

How much does an explainer video cost?

The explainer pricing depends on the type of the work it requires from the technical side. Nevertheless, keeping in mind the fact that explainer videos may vary depending on your product or the specification of your needs, the price for an explainer video might really pleasantly surprise you! Let’s face it: getting the work of art for a relatively low cost – isn’t this the perfect scenario, especially in case you are looking for a catchy,fun something that will jumpstart conversion rates for any startup business.

Where do I get an explainer video?

Currently, so many companies are looking forward to put a short explainer video onto their landing page to increase the conversion rates that you may choose of a great variety of explainer video services. What is even more pleasant is that due to the same fact that there are so many explainer video services that the explainer videos cost will really pleasantly surprise you. Haven’t decided yet what would your video explainer look like? Well, we have prepared for you 4 main types of explainer videos to suit you taste the best.

Here’s an example of a Explainer video we created

Explainer Videos variants

  1. If you’re B2C that has a bright product, you will be better off with a Live Action Explainer Videos. They can help establishing an emotional connection with your audience, and help to build up the trust and confidence with the company.
  2. Animated Explainer Videos use animation to provide informational background on your product. Those are the best fit for selling software, and other non-material products. Creative and easily processed, animated explainer videos are really fun to watch.
  3. The easiest and the cheapest way to get an explainer video, is to ask for a whiteboard explainer that suggests the usage of hand drawn animation on the background of a whiteboard.
  4. If you need a longer video that would explain the idea of your startup, you will be best of with making Kickstarter Explainer Videos.However, it is also the best way to explain your business ideas, instead of, for instance, writing a long introductory word.
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Are you still unsure whether you need to make an explainer video? Making explainer videos is widely popular amongst businesses today. Being a new trend, first, making your own explainer video may first of all raise you up a couple popularity points. Second, creating explainer videoscan help increasing the conversion rates, increase the traffic to your landing page. Creating your own explainer video mixing a humorous tone and unique design will not only grant you more new leads, but also fly your sales up to the moon.