Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics Overview

Motion graphics was first introduced as early as in the 1800’s. It was already considered a form of entertainment putting advancement to the actual presentation of drama and musicale in the theater. Although, the birth of the motion graphics was all about video footages, it was a regarded as a combination of a documentary and entertainment.

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Motion Graphics Grassroots

Through history, since the creation of the first motion graphics highlighting, motion graphics continued to amaze the audience by its beauty and charm in the presentation of varied scenes that people could make stories out of those images. At first, these were just video footages creating more emphasis on the story or documentation of some events, characters and scenes. Later on, audios were added, as music was already played in the background and some narration on some scenes interpreting or demonstrating certain pictures, places or sceneries that needed to be expounded and clarified to create a very good picture or video.

Later on, motion graphics was already embellished as the form of entertainment. It was already improved from the simple play in the theater to video footages to satisfy the audience. In the medieval times, royalties and guests were entertained with jugglers, dancers, balladeers, chanteuse, minstrels, magicians, and others.

In Japan and China, their history was as colorful as their drama and entertainment. The role players and characters in the theater wear masks and costumes with thick make-ups to project an ecstatic and spectacular role-playing of characters.

This motion graphics is just as colorful as the theater in the olden days. Japan continues to render wonderful and very impressive animation videos just like how they do it in the theater. They always present their stories, characters and scenes in a manner that is rich, splendid and elegant manner.

Motion Graphics Today

As the years go by, producers of motion graphics were able to improve, furbish and enhance the production of video footages into perfection by creating videos into three/ 2-D to improve the display and presentation of these images. Producers of motion graphics all over the globe are on the lookout for more enhancements to keep viewers and audiences in amazement every time.

With its cutting edge in the film industry, motion graphics were enhanced in a high-definition quality in videos as well as in audio combination. The fusion of the video and audio graphics created a spectacular production that leaves the viewers in awe.

Today, motion graphics has gone its way up more. The creation of these video games left a mark that only history can rely on with every passing year to another set of viewers, the future generation.

From the theater, to video clips, to footages, animation films, movies and now the video gaming world. To every video gaming world, every presentation is a masterpiece. As they are now merging history with technology, motion graphics has gone up too high. The world is now expecting that something more incredible and stunning to happen soon in the motion graphics world. Join the trail towards a revolutionized Motion Graphics industry!

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