The story of the enchanted motion graphics beans

Once upon a time, there lived a guy whom everyone heard say “I won’t believe it, until I see it with my very own eyes” all the time. Each day, those who believed what they heard or read would not know whether the information they held was true. Once, they all decided to ask the guy why he wants to see everything. The guy said: “Seeing is believing”. And this is how motions graphics came to life.

Indeed, there is a reason why do people keep being more trustworthy to their vision rather then what they hear, or read. Therefore, if we care so much about what we see, why not using it for marketing purposes, thought the sales guys. That is why the most creative minds of the industry decided not to re-invent the wheel and introduce the concept of motion graphics services for businesses.

Struggling-Businesserella and the Fairy Motion Graphic Mother

Motion graphic video

Everyone watches video: would it be news in the morning, weather forecast over lunch, a ball game with friends, or a cute cat video that your friend sent you… we all enjoy occasional motion picture fun!

Creative motion graphics fits even as an informational promotional business video. Moreover, there is a range of reasons that may make one choose creating motion graphic:

  • Making motion graphics is an interesting way to make the product stand out from other similar companies in the sector.
  • Motion graphic creation is an innovative approach that indicates that the company is taking the leading positions through time.
  • Creating motion graphics is also an inspirational, motivating approach that communicates with the audience to do business together.
  • Motion graphic videos brings closer to the customer community by engaging it with an alternative attention getter.
  • At last, motion graphic animation emphasizes only the most crucial moments which shows that leaves out the flabbergasting exhaustion from unnecessary “water-pouring” information just to fill the content of the website.

Wait… So, now you are one of those guys who also want to create a motion graphic for the success of your company too, and you do not know where to start? Here is the formula for the magic potion of success!

Motion graphics service to the rescue!

To tell the truth, there are so many different motion graphic services that will make you believe they will create a motion graphic for your company literally almost immediately, almost for free, and almost perfect. Nonetheless, if you want a tasty brownie, you have to follow the recipe, right?

Here’s an example of a Making motion graphics we created

The Motion graphics pricing may range from just a couple of buck to thousands of dollars. Depending on your preferences, the motion graphics price may depend greatly on the details included. The Motion graphic prices reflect the characters and props involved and the complexity of an idea. However, just as Chekov implied: “Brevity is the sister of talent”, keep your video clean from unnecessary gaudy and grotesque over-exaggerations.

The magic wand of the graphic motion

A successful motion graphic video includes the main idea of the corporate motto, or slogan and really shows the necessity and value to your customers. In 3-5 minute motion graphic animation tells an emotive and compelling story in such a way helping businesses to speak out their unique offer to the public. Motion graphic services become an inseparable link between the 2 worlds of the businesses and customers, by establishing trust through creating motion graphics. Keeping closer to the core, motion graphics increase conversion rates. Motion graphics represent a simplistic best choice for a business.

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