A big blow for Television Advertisements

Even though televisions are still dominants in the advertising market at large, there is a rising rate of audience T.V commercial web videos. Streamlining seems to be the order of the day and advertisers are keen to take advantage of this. The alarming rate at which T.V commercial web video is pacing poses a major threat to commercial marketing done by any other advertising medium. This is because digital video highlight a massive opportunity platform for marketer researchers.


Different from print media, T.v commercial web video is a visual auditorium medium that affords marketers many opportunities to affect their potential customers’ decisions. Such advertisements appeal to various sense at the same time through magnificent sights and appealing sounds. This article focuses on some of the techniques that can aid in making a persuasive T.v commercial web video.

  • Deliberate choice of words
  • Regardless of a company’s motto and the claims asserted by celebrities, pitch men or simple voice-overs, a careful choice of words cuts through all T.V advertisements as well as T.v commercial web videos. In most cases, what advertisements tells and what it sound like may not be same but the commercial typically ends so quickly that you hardly have time to analyze its disparity potential.

    Given that you are given visual information and auditory at the same time makes it difficult to capture everything since, as humans, we tend to give full attention to one thing at a time. For this reason, marketers employ semantics in their T.v commercial web video.

  • Jingles and slogans
  • Different from print advertisements, T.v commercial web video as well as T.V commercial enjoys the benefits of sound. The incorporation of music in both advertisements may entail pop songs meant to bring out definite emotions or specified brand jingles. Jingles are music specifically composed for exclusively for commercials and enables the users to gains important details regarding the product in their subconscious.

  • High Volumes
  • Most often T.v commercial web videos assume the uncomplicated approach of bombarding you as louder as possible with sensory information. However, when filmed, their audio tracks are compressed differently compared to how films or television programs do. This effect makes T.v commercial web videos much louder and readily grabs the attention of viewers.

    When sound levels are contrasted, they surprisingly take over the audience and kind of force them, even for a moment, to pay some attention to the message communicated on the screen. The ultimate purpose for such advertisement techniques as communicating tools is to attract the attention, trigger the emotions, and engage the minds of the viewers as well as their thoughts on certain products.

Here’s an example of a Web video we created

More than anticipated results

Web videos that employ the above techniques generally result in numerous clicks, customer calls and generate more customers for their respective products. Understanding the techniques that works better and efficiently enhances the relevance of any T.v commercial web video while yielding tremendous results for any product. Not to forget the inexpensive nature for using such techniques in any T.v commercial web video. What a success not to try!

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