The problems with regular videos are the reasons to use whiteboard animation

As an average consumer, each of us is used to “judge the book by it’s’ cover”. If it comes in a wrong package it does no longer make an impact. It is clear that having a specific product all you need is just to throw in a bright design, screaming logo, and a unique name, and your brand is ready to go! But, what if you have a bright idea and you simply do not know how to put this correctly? We have 2 words for you: Whiteboard animation.

What iwhiteboard anmations are?

whiteboard video

In short, whiteboard animation videos are fairly short video clips that grasp an idea, or message. The difference between a regular video and a whiteboard animation video is that it is presented as a set of live drawings. These drawings are often visualized as being drawn by hand on a whiteboard. The idea of whiteboard video animation to portray a concept in a simplistic way. If compared with design, animation whiteboard is hi-tech style amongst other kinds of video animation. Custom whiteboard animation video is precise and crisp, since it is usually short and emphasizes only the essential from your idea.

Animated whiteboard videos as a window to new lands

In the age of digital assimilation vicious circle, the technology invades all spheres of our life. They make us change our habits and walk hand in hand with innovation, therefore force us to accept new features. The recently appeared whiteboard animation has already become so popular due to the fact that it really works, so that whiteboard animation services had been created.

And the winner is… whiteboard animation video!

Quite often having a bright marketing idea is just not enough, is it? And it seems like anything you come up with does not forge any change on your charts. Try to make your own whiteboard animation! It is fast gaining popularity as an impactful tool to engage your audience. Making a short whiteboard animation video does not only guarantee interest in your idea. This short animation video delivers media-rich content.

Making your custom whiteboard animation is easy

With growing popularity of the video whiteboard animation, the desire to create one for personal purposes strikingly increases as well. One of the reasons behind it is that these short clips do not require much effort to complete them. Especially with whiteboard animation service that requires from you only a peace of information about your product/idea that you want your whiteboard animation to be about.

Create your own whiteboard animation is cheap

Whiteboard animation cost is many times lower than a usual video, since it does not require involvement of professional actors, decorations, props, etc. for making it, which first of all saves time, and also is cost-effective. Whiteboard animation pricing mainly includes the work of the designer who makes up a story with the elements that have priory been input into the database of the whiteboard video animation service.

Here’s an example of whiteboard video we created

Custom whiteboard animation is fun and engaging

The last, but not the least important point in favor of the whiteboard animation is that it catches the attention of the viewer. It is a known fact that each individual perceives the information in different and unique way. An individual keeps only 10% of the information he has heard in a lecture. The great way about whiteboard animation videos is that they combine all types of information presentation: auditory, kinesthetic and visual. When making whiteboard animation videos, the professional services make sure that your audience remembers you. Create whiteboard animation video if you want to be remembered instantly and forever!