Atrial Fibrillation is the most common type of cardiac arrhythmia and is characterized by rapid and irregular heartbeat.

Exactly the described above way you will feel after watching this video. It is short, but informative enough, so you could bring to notice the importance of your health. The team created this video using 3D effect in order to make all the told words real. Usually people do not draw their attention to those things that are considered to be far from them and especially to those things that are “invisible”, e.g. our body in general and innards in particular. In the course of watching this video you are listening to the calm, pretty and trustworthy voice that inserts all the necessary information into your head. In order not to make you nervous with no reason for it, the quiescent and easy music is playing on the background.

The colors deserve special attention. They are vivid, alive, positive and energetic. Nevertheless they are catching the eye; they are not irritating at the same time.

This video is like a door to the other reality, another galaxy, where you find out how the most important part of your body works, and what it should not do. You are getting into the new universe and when the video is over you cannot just stand up and forget this, like you do with hundreds of other ads that are seen within the day. This one is making you to think it over.

Watch this and try this out yourself how it is to visit the parallel galaxy. Have a pleasant and productive watching.

    Twisted Scholar
    Karpets Andrii
    Bogdan Tka4uk
    Sergii Karpets
    02 : 00


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