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Our world is full of symbols and signs. Every day you can observe thousands of symbols around you which direct your life into the needed stream. The video you are ready to watch also contains symbols.

Nevertheless it is made without following any commercial purposes the usage of simplified and created in laconic matter silhouettes of mother and child do its job. Only real love that exists between parents and their progeny can make miracles happen. Exactly for this purpose Avid Mom was created – to help young parents make the life of their child as happy and comfortable as it can be.

Our team of young, fresh minded but already experienced people tried to convince the viewer that not loud words matters, but silent power of love. That is why the core theme of this short video was almost invisible, untouchable but still powerful and vigorous love between the mother and child. Energetic but laconic music and somber colors do not irritate your ears and eyes. And the length of this video is quite enough to get main idea and not to waste time that is precious when you have a child.

We believe you will esteem our wish to reach out to you. Enjoy your watching.

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