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Now you can enjoy the second video about MultiCare Connected Care. Now you can snuggle down in your armchair and receive the portion of hints how effectively take care of yourself and your family.

The main character just got known that she is pregnant. Her mood and health are good and quite pleasant for her, as well as colors of the video which are combined exactly in that way to continue the style of the first video and to shade the state of Daniel, main character. In few moments Daniel feels (oh, no!) not so good, and she is going through the night to the general hospital. While Daniel is feeling bad and going to the doctor, we can see how the background - color and music – are changing appropriately: the background music and sounds are becoming weird and the picture is dark, sad and down hearted. But hold on, not be so nervous. She and her baby are okay, because smart doctors in the medical center have helped her and already next day they have all the analysis. As soon as the main character is informed about her healthy, rosy and glowing prospects, the colors and music of the video become blooming.

It is very interesting that the whole video is permeated with the appropriate smooth, pleasant and light colors, which only highlight the healthy topic. The video is energetic enough and calm in order not to irritate the eye. The background music plays gently and only emphasizes the moving picture describing Daniel’s life and pregnancy in a very natural way.

Tell you truth; the main thing I like about this video is that it is unostentatious and you are free to choose, what is better for your health. And the second thing is that animators together with the MultiCare Connected Care Team created not just an advertisement, but they created an invitation to take care of your health as much as it is possible, because this is the most precious thing you ever had.

Enjoy your watching!

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